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Sunny Brook RV Resort received their 8th consecutive “A” Grade Rating from Guest Rated, a satisfaction survey of RV parks and campgrounds. In 2015, only 34 campgrounds, rv parks, resorts across the country received an all around “A” rating. Sunny Brook RV Resort is also one of only three who have earned this award every year since its inception. Congratulations again Sunny Brook RV Resort!   South Haven Sunny Brook RV Resort Receives an "A" Grade in the Eighth Annual Consumer... Read More

This past Halloween, I journeyed to my very first music festival, which was hosted at The Spirit of Suwanee Music Park located in Live Oak, Florida. It was the largest recorded attendance of any music festival at Suwanee at 21,000, nearly tripling the attendance of the previous year. Needless to say there were a lot of people there who camped, glamped and you guessed it, RVed.

Music Festivals are making a comeback thanks to Millennials. Sources state that Millennials value experience...

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As we all know, in 2007, the economy took a major hit. But, what you may not have known is this recession devastated the travel industry, but against all odds, it has made a tremendous comeback. During the economic downturn, retirees and freedom seeking snowbirds, which were major factors in the industry, did not have the money to travel. Without this large group of customers, the industry began to crumble piece by piece. Thousands of employees were laid off from work, a third of the...

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~Kidd RV Consulting Has Amassed a Portfolio of the Nation’s Most Exclusive Motorcoach Resorts~


Tallahassee, FL.-Kidd RV Consulting, a communications firm specializing in the development and promotion of luxury RV resorts, is proud to recognize multiple current and former clients who have been featured in the world’s most popular newspaper site, the DailyMail, travel research site Yahoo!Travel and popular RV site, DoItYourselfRV.

United Kingdom publication,...

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This past week I felt like I was transported from my twenty-one year old body back to my six-year old counterpart, but minus the creaking knee from ACL surgery. Touring the RVs showcased at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa embodied the same feeling as being a little kid let loose in a candy store or, better yet, visiting Disney World for the first time—except instead of being told ‘Don’t touch’, I was told to put those CSI booties over my shoes. Not only did I have one of the best...

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The winter season is upon us, and that means for many RV-ers, it is time to put their RVs in storage. However, while your RV is in storage it runs the risk of becoming moldy if it is stored in humid conditions. Nothing is worse than excitedly taking your RV out of storage in the spring to find that it has been taken over by mold. Cleaning mold can be a tricky task, so preventing mold from growing is crucial. Here are three tips to help prevent mold while your RV is in storage!


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RV Golf Club, a membership organization for RV owners and Kidd Group/ Kidd RV, a Communications Firm, are pleased to announce they have partnered together to promote RV Golf Club and its services.

As part of the partnership, Kidd Group/ Kidd RV will be rebranding RV Golf Club and designing a new website. RV Golf Club will be rebranded as an organization for RVers who want to enjoy the luxury and amenities of a country club without the membership requirements of any single location....

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As a new motor coach owner, the thought of taking your motor home on the road for the first time may be a bit nerve racking. As if driving your motor home on the highway wasn’t scary enough, the thought of taking your 38-foot long, 8-1/2 foot wide RV through the narrow streets of a city is downright mortifying.  Although driving your brand new RV may seem intimidating, there are some tips to consider before taking your motor home on the open road.

One of the first steps to take when...

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Today’s RV industry remains as strong as ever and has grown to a new peak of 8.9 million RV-owning households in America. In addition to the heightened RV sales for the US economy, the boat industry’s demand has also been higher than expected this past spring. Boat sales are expected to reach 65 percent of their pre-recession level by year-end, while RV sales are expected to approach a pre-recession peak.

The features of recreational vehicles including RVs and boats are similar....

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Have you ever loved to travel in your RV so much that you thought, “Why don’t I just live in it?” Well you’re not alone. There have been many others that felt the same way and actually tried it. One couple decided to document their expenses during their journey to see if it was more cost efficient to live in an RV versus a house or apartment. In the end they discovered that they saved some money but the cost of living in an RV full time was a lot more expensive than they anticipated. Some...

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